What's the issue

In July 2012, the rules on family migration changed. It is now much more difficult for Brits to bring their foreign husband or wife to live with them in the UK. Many people have been shocked to find out about the new rules as, these days, relationships between people from different countries are very common. This is an abuse of the human right to a family life.

So what are the rules?

A Brit with a husband or wife from, say, America or India now needs to earn at least £18,600 per year to bring them to the UK. The rules are very strict and many families are unexpectedly refused. As a result, many Brits are living here without their partner. Some have British children who rarely or never see their non-British mum or dad.


  • According to the Government's own estimate this rule affects over 17.000 families each year
  • Only British citizens who can show they earn more than £18.600 can sponsor their non-European spouse's visa
  • £18,600 is over £5,000 more than someone working full-time earning the National Minimum Wage receives
  • 47% of Brits working in the UK today earn less than the amount required to bring a foreign husband or wife here