Mentorn Media is looking for affected families to include in their upcoming programme

Mentorn is a production company which is putting together a pilot programme about the way that the immigration rules affect people, with the intention that a full series will commissioned in the coming months. 

They are hoping to film and feature the situation of a family affected by the £18,600 income requirement. In particular, they are looking for a family with one British parent who has a foreign spouse, where the whole family is currently based in the UK (and, for example, they have children at school here) but where they are facing separation if the foreign spouse doesn't manage to get the spouse visa or indefinite leave to remain. This would probably mean the family having to relocate to the country of the foreign spouse.

Mentorn would be interested to film the family, and probably their lawyer as well if possible. As this is a pilot it will not be broadcast, but will hopefully lead to a full programme being commissioned in the near future.

If your family fits this profile and you'd be interested to take part, just let me know -